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Hello, friends! Welcome to Soulight, which is a professional psychic community gathering a large group of talented spiritual advisors who are willing to contribute their effort in helping people with the most confused and pressing life questions in life. No matter what is your question, we have the answer. In the past few days, we have noticed that many users have advisors that they like and trust, and also have resolved their confusion in communication with their advisors. But what we all know is that many problems may trouble each of us for a long time, and it is difficult for us to solve the problem perfectly with one inquiry and help. Normally, we will communicate with trusted advisors 2-3 times, or even more times, to get rid of our predicament. However, the question that comes with doing this is a topic that users are very concerned about —how to solve more problems with less money.

We believe that many users have thought about these issues in themselves:

  • How can I keep in touch with my favorite advisors and enjoy more discounts?

  • Can Soulight offer more discounts to me?

  • ...

Now, Soulight has thought of and solved these problems for you! To give users a better experience, and to help every friend who joins the Soulight community to get rid of troubles, we have launched a new feature—Follow up! You can do the following to follow your favorite advisors at a lower cost. Let’s take a look:


Choose your favorite advisor

Soulight has more than 100 trusted consultants, from which you can find a good advisor for you.

choose your favorite advisor


A normal reading completed

Give your favorite and trusted advisor a normal reading (Text/Audio/Video). When your advisor replies to your reading, you may notice that the order status switch to "completed", and now the follow-up function is working.

a normal reading completed


Enjoy 50% discount on normal readings

The avatar of an advisor who replied to you just now will have a follow-up label next to him/her. You can enjoy a 50% discount within 1 hour on normal readings (Text/Audio/Video) with this advisor now. Hurry up and contact your favorite advisors~

enjoy 50% discount on normal readings


Extend discount time

Within the effective time of the follow-up function, if you complete the new normal readings (Text/Audio/Video) with the advisor you follow, the effective time will be refreshed and extended.

Tips: There is no limit to the number of times to extend the effective time of the follow-up function.

extend discount time

Sounds great? Join us from today and let us shine your bright current and future life :)

Favorite Advisor? Cheaper to Follow Up!
Soulight Official Soulight Official
Dec 30, 2021
Official News
New function, Follow up