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    General Questions & Information:
    1. How does Soulight work? Soulight follows a fun and simple Q&A format. You could select your favorite advisor from our list of world-class psychic advisors to share your concerns. It’s convenient for you to start a live chat with our advisor and you could also easily submit your request by text, and within 24 hours the advisor replies with a personalized psychic reading.

    2. Which reading service should I choose? We do currently offer 24hour text, audio, video readings and also live text, audio and video chat online. Advisors who have a green dot on their profile picture are available for picking live calls.

    3. Are your advisors certified? Some of them are certified and licensed. The satisfaction is guaranteed because all our advisors on site have undergone a strict election by Soulight recruitment team. We are making sure that every advisor has the true gifted talent to offer the readings with high-quality.

    4. Is the reading expensive? Try Soulight with affordable price started from just $1.2 and keep enjoying an in-depth reading if you would like to do deeper with your question. Get free extra bonus on purchase and lots of massive discount sale events are waiting for you.
    1. I just re-login Soulight account, why my history orders and credits on my account are all disappeared?

    If you encounter such issues, please firstly confirm that you are logging in with the same login method as before. We suggest you to log out and login again with the used login method. If you are still having the same problem, please contact us and we will help you to handle it as soon as possible.
    1. I have purchased credits, however, the credits are not showing up in my account

    Credits should automatically be added to your account instantly after purchase but it happened sometime, due to certain network connection or technical issues, credits are not arrived successfully. In case that you would like us to check and refund credits, please kindly sent the receipt generated by store to our Support. We will help you to check and add credits as soon as possible after confirmation. If you would like full amount return, please kindly require refund toward iTunes or GooglePlay Store while providing your refund reason. Your request will be reviewed and processed.
    1. How long does it take to get a reply back from 24hour readings? In general, your reading will be delivered within 24hours or even sooner, It usually depends on advisor’s backlog of orders. If you would like to receive reading quickly, please upgrade the reading order if your psychic provides the upgrade option.

    2. Can I add more/change information from my pending orders? We are sorry that currently there is no options to add more information on the orders have already placed. We kindly suggest you to leave a message to our Support, and we will help you to forward the complementary information to your advisor.

    3. What will happen if my order is expired? We are sorry for the inconvenience occurred by expired reading order. While this is quite rare, there will be instances in which the advisor won’t be able to reply to you on time. And your credits paid for the related expired reading will return automatically to your account.

    4. Can I cancel my orders? We are sorry that users can not cancel any reading orders for now. But we will work on this part and try to make this function available as soon as possible in the following versions.

    5. I am unable to hear/see the reading, what should I do? We are sorry for the inconvenience occurred this time. Could you please kindly provide more detailed information (psychic name, order type, order date), or just take a screenshot of the related order and directly send it to our support, once we have received, we will help you to handle this issue as soon as possible.

    6. How can I tip my advisors? Sending a tip is another way to express your appreciation toward your advisor. Once you have any completed reading order with your advisor, you could find the entrance and tip credits directly to your him/her.
    Service Quality
    1. I'm not satisfied with my readings, what should I do? We are sorry to hear that the reading has not met your expectation. Please kindly provide more details about the related reading order (psychic name, order type, order date) and we will help you to check and contact the psychic to see if she has complementary content toward your reading. You could also take a screenshot of the related order and send to us so as we could quickly define the order and check it.

    2. My advisor asks me to contact her/him outside of Soulight Platform, what should I do? We are sorry to hear that our advisor offers such irresponsible request, this behavior is extremely prohibited for us, please kindly send more details/evidences about the related reading order (psychic name, order type, order date) to our Support, and we will help you to check and contact the psychic immediately, hope we could help you to handle it as soon as possible.
    Tech Issues
    1. I’m experiencing technical difficulties with the platform. Who can help me with this?

    You can contact our support directly and specify the situation with as much details. Our staff will get back to you and help to handle it as soon as possible.
    Apply for Advisor
    1. How do I apply as an advisor?

    Thanks for your interest in joining Soulight. As we are seeking and selecting world class professional and talented advisors under rigorous standards, only complete applications will be accepted and considered. Please click the following link to read the instructions and submit your applications if you find yourself qualified. Our recruitment team will review shortly and get in touch with you if you have been accepted.

    Click here to fill out your Application
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