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🌙Visions By Chanel✨
Honest Direct Insight Specializing In all Matters
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  • 4.1hr
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🌙Visions By Chanel✨
🌙Visions By Chanel✨
Honest Direct Insight Specializing In all Matters
  • 533
  • 98%
  • 97%
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 Hi Im chanel and welcome to my profile💕 

          ✨🔮About my Services🔮✨

I love helping others to find clarity in any situation, I treat every client as family, each reading is filled with deep desire, honesty and compassion NEVER JUDGMENTAL! My goal is to give people insight and guidance to spiritually connect and get the peace they deserve. In each reading I will mediating through Spirit,Aura And Energy, I also use my spirit guide lines to focus on the point of the situation It will allow me to see past and foresee your future. I utilize my psychic skills by connecting with the universe and spirit angels for a uplifting reading to help you move forward! My understanding of the spirit world always allows me to quickly manifest insight. 

                   ✨I specialize in✨

❤️Love/Intimacy ~ Wondering if he or she is one, Where you stand, What are their true feelings, What the future has in store? 

💼 Career ~ Needing to know what the right path is, or when that New Job/promotion is coming? 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family ~ Insight through any matter! 

👯‍♀️ ~ Friends

💤 ~ Dream analysis

And much more✨

   ‼️   ~~~PLEASE READ BEFORE~~~ ‼️

🗣 I give direct and honest insight, if you don’t want to hear the truth do not contact me.

🎤 The more specific/ detailed you are with your questions, the more I can tap into your energy and give you better detailed and accurate answers

🧚🏼‍♀️ Please come with a open mind and heart, accept the possibility’s

🧿Every psychic has a different ability, They connect to different higher being.. so that means every psychic will give you a different answer!

⏳ Predictions and time frames can change based due to free will and not reaming positive

Don’t ask me questions regarding 
🚫Medical issues/pregnancy
🚫 Legal advice

I look forward to speaking with you and helping you discovering your journey💕
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  • Jacob
    Thank you so much
    Feb 2 , 2022 14:9:17
  • Karishma Singh
    Great reading. I feel positive after the reading. Will reach out to her once my sp contacts me . Thank you
    Feb 1 , 2022 19:38:36
  • Brittany
    Again, another great reading that answered my questions thoroughly. This reading and the last one was great. I recommend you to everyone. Your insight is valuable and accurate🙂
    Jan 30 , 2022 3:40:30
  • 961634088
    She didn't answer my questions directly
    Jan 29 , 2022 22:46:30
  • Brittany
    This reading was really detailed, answered my question thoroughly and very very accurate. I appreciate your insight. You read the energy very well and have given me hope for the future. Thanks again. This was fantastic😊😊💗💗
    Jan 29 , 2022 22:15:58
  • 948138379 S31
    Thanks for reading dear… but I confused on him because recently we have arguement.. can I message you , if You don’t mind ..
    Jan 28 , 2022 22:14:44
  • Cassandra
    Thank you for providing me with the clarity I needed at this time. I am hopeful for the future 💖
    Jan 28 , 2022 19:55:22
  • paula
    thank you so much, I appreciate your reading and it has left me with a lot of hope and guidance 🙏❤️
    Jan 28 , 2022 18:43:15
  • 499214892
    Absolutely wonderful! Thank you🙏❤️🙏❤️
    Jan 28 , 2022 3:49:18
  • 500898852
    Thank you so much. Tht felt so genuine and to the point. Thank you for some clarity and understanding.
    Jan 27 , 2022 17:25:39