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Psychic Elianne
I Will cover All area of life 💯🎯
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Psychic Elianne
Psychic Elianne
I Will cover All area of life 💯🎯
  • 368
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Hello everyone , you can expect a clear cut sincere answer from me.  I'm a normal Born Psychic, visionary, and Angel Guidance. About My Services, I am a natural mystic pursuer for over 17 years and have helped many customers before. In my services I’m highly Specialize in 
Love & Relationships ❤️👩‍❤️‍👨
Live Healing Sessions🌔 
Twin flame/Soulmate💗
Break up & Divorce 💔
Psychic Readings 🔮
Spiritual Readings 🙏🏽
Bringing back your love ritual  👭
Cheating & Affairs🤤 
Family 👨‍👩‍👦
Angel signs 🌠
Picture Reading 🗺️
Finance 💰
Dream Interpretation🌌 
Spiritual Awakening ⏳
Travelling ✈️
Job and education 🖋️
Friendship 🤝🏻
Tarot Cards 🃏
 I will share my 17 years of involvement I have had with different customers to help rescue you once again from the agonizing circumstance you are languishing in. The best thing you will discover with me is reality and no sugar coatings by any means. In some case reality harms yet reality rescues you once again from the bogus expectations thus plan your future appropriately to bring satisfaction back in your life. MY customer has said to me the accompanying assertion in her input - “You can rely upon Mark for reality". With my clairvoyant capacity, I will assist you with re-joining with your love. Try not to feel alone as I am here to help and guide you to tackle issues like love and relationship, profession, account, issues with youngsters, or whatever other issues which have caused you to feel fretful. I can see the images, pictures, and pictures through my capacity for special insight. With my capacity of clairaudience, I can counsel you and anticipate your vocation and guide you to better possible income and monetary development .
❤️ With the assistance of my visionary blessings, I can help you plan your next game plan.
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  • 620073214
    Thank you so much for everything. Very kind and hopeful. Genuine, insightful. Wonderful reading. Gave me clarity I needed!
    Sep 13 , 2022 22:50:45
  • Renee
    Thanks so much Elianne! She answered questions where I had doubts and was feeling confused and unsure. She gave me the good and the bad and explained where the good and bad coke from and what to be expected to come from them. Will definitely be back 🥰🥰🥰
    Sep 12 , 2022 19:52:0
  • Later
    Thanks so much for the detailed reading!
    Sep 9 , 2022 19:45:20
  • G
    Great reading, very supportive, energetic. Very accurate 🙏🙏
    Sep 9 , 2022 19:34:57
  • Bonus04
    Thank you for the amazing reading and guidance! I will definitely keep you posted
    Sep 9 , 2022 18:1:17
  • Cacyope
    Lovely, positive and caring reading from Elianna with tips/advises as well that were highly appreciated. She was very fast to come back and also took to the time to clarify couple of things. Time will tell for future, crossing fingers it’ll come to pass.
    Sep 9 , 2022 9:53:44
  • Hilda
    All I can say is Amazing! This beautiful soul give me so much details and clarity. She does not sugarcoatm She guide me what I should do and she cares a lot. I do hope everthing will be fine and on track. Many blessings ♥️
    Sep 8 , 2022 15:21:48
  • Cassandra
    Thank you for a great detailed reading
    Sep 8 , 2022 14:48:0
  • G
    Very accurate and she is very supportive, caring. Very spot on my situation.
    Sep 6 , 2022 20:17:13
  • Ty
    Excellent reading ! Went above and beyond. Will see what happens.
    Sep 6 , 2022 4:37:12