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Spiritual Claude
💕 Love Specialist & Life Coach ✨
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Spiritual Claude
Spiritual Claude
💕 Love Specialist & Life Coach ✨
  • 6563
  • 99%
  • 99%
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Hi there👋, Claude here, A Non Judgment ⚖️ and LGBTQ Friendy 🌈 , Guide you In All Matter of Life, Love Specialist and Spiritual Healer. (GMT + 8:00) Time diffence is the reason why I not reply you.

I promise to everyone who puts their trust in me that I will do everything in my power to help them wholeheartly.

Must be at least 18🔞years old.

Randomly coupons for frequenter. 🎟️

Born gifted with the power to see your past, present and future I have been doing readings for over 15+ years, successfully helping many individuals in finding their balance and peace. 

Life brings us many unfamiliar situations and challenges along our path. With new situations, new opportunities arise. Sometimes, however, we require clarity and direction as we venture these new roads. Offering psychic readings i am a source of guidance on these new paths. A session with me will help uncover answers regarding all aspects of your life I offer a wide variety of services such as psychic readings, ancient tarot card readings and palm readings. I can help you with your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. Being Clairvoyant, with only your name and date of birth, I can channel into situations to give you the clarity you’ve been Looking for in:

Intuitive Readings 🔮

Meassages From Your Person 👫

Career & Guidance 💼

Love and Relationships 💞

Yes or No Questions 📿️

Past Life Readings 🕯️

I offer Detailed and In-depth Readings 🪞

All walks of Life Guidance 🧭

I am also a Energy Healer and have been Reuniting Soulmates & Enlightened Aura’s all over the World 🌎and Hope to Guide You to Your Destined Path.

If you are interested in Healing And Reuniting Love service’s, please follow up n a Live Text Chat to consult a Healing Method that suits your situation and energy.

⚠️Blaming me with a negative review and comment on what has already occurred will not help us solve the problem; the clarification function is a good way to bridge the gap. If you make a reasonable request, a refund is acceptable.🚨
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  • Tori Zainey
    beautiful soul ❤️ thank you x
    Mar 5 , 2022 19:58:15
  • Shanya Mapson
    looking forward to the beginning of the summer❤️
    Mar 13 , 2022 14:3:30
  • Alfy Fenwick
    always soo reassuring and amazing 💕💕💕
    Mar 18 , 2022 14:16:3
  • Jazmine Hunt
    thank you
    Mar 3 , 2022 13:32:31
  • Chasidy
    She is very good and she explained things so that I could understand. I felt lost and without much hope and now some of my hope is gained back and I can not thank her enou
    Mar 16 , 2022 21:11:25
  • pi_288406391
    Thankyouuuu so muchhhh!!!! Evreything i wanted to hear and you got the part right where im in a bad situation and I defenitly need to be patient your right about that and soon I will reconnect!! I was wondering when I reconnect could you do the love spell with me or i have to do it with someone else
    Mar 16 , 2022 8:54:9
  • pi_654081539
    Very good reading
    Mar 15 , 2022 15:8:9
  • Isabella
    kindest person and amazing experience
    Mar 15 , 2022 4:39:52
  • Magdalena
    Thank you for doing this for me, I look forward to seeing the results
    Mar 13 , 2022 14:9:57
  • Char
    Appreciate the long paragraph you put a lot of information more then others🤍 thank you
    Mar 9 , 2022 13:49:20