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Psychic Victoria
Psychic Victoria
🕯Twinflame & Soulmate Specialist🕯
  • 17240
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  • 99%
Psychic Victoria
Psychic Victoria
🕯Twinflame & Soulmate Specialist🕯
  • 17240
  • 99%
  • 99%
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Hi my name is Victoria and I have the ability to read you without asking you a single question. With only your name and date of birth, I can help guide you onto a pathway That will finally give light to all matters such as

Love & Relationships ♥️

Aura Photo & Analyzation 🌈

Live Healing sessions 🧿

Twinflame/Soulmates ♾ 

Break up/Divorce 📄 

Reuniting Loved Ones 🗝

Cheating & Affairs 🤫 

Same Sex Relationships 🏳️‍🌈

Intamacy 💋 

Anxiety 🚨 

Family 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Career/Business 🏢

Travel ✈️

Astrology Charts 🪐 

Angel Signs 🆘

Tarot Cards 🃏 

Dream Interpretation 💤 

Crystal reading 🔮 

Picture Reading 📷 

Healing 💎 

Live Sound Healing 🎵 

Live Chakra Healing 🧘‍♀️ 

Live Meditation 🙏

Live Candle Reading 🕯 

Spiritual Awakening 👁 

♥️Please check out my premium services♥️
🚨 Absolutely No Time Frame Requests pls🚨

and so much more. I am nonjudgmental and to the point. with over 20 years experience in guiding, strengthening and revealing energy I can and will help you uncover information and signs that you may have not even noticed are there. I will not tell you what you want to hear, I’ll tell you exactly what I see  and also give solutions to where it’s needed. If you are looking for help in navigating through questions you may have within your mind or heart or even To have somebody ease the burden you carry within your spirit then connect with me for guidance today. I will not ask you questions, I will give you answers.

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  • Terrea Black
    wow, thank you. it’s amazing to know because i havent felt this way about someone in a very long time: he’s literally like my other half. we think in the same ways. he’s like my best friend : lover. we are indeed taking it slowly and your reading was spot on! thank you
    Jun 12 , 2021 6:31:32
  • sam
    pretty bullshit tbh.. not worth the $50 at all
    Jun 12 , 2021 0:11:28
  • Jaywhy
    Yes would like to do the full cleanse, I d
    Jun 11 , 2021 21:58:35
  • Jaywhy
    Absolutely love hearing Psychic Victoria, her voice is so calming, I can sense the aura of postivity. She has given me so much clarity and a better outlook of my sitaution . I appreciate every single word of advice she has given me, looking forward to the future ❤️
    Jun 11 , 2021 12:38:45
  • Love
    Thank you soo much for the birthday wishes and Thank you soo much for the beautiful insight so there is a light at the end of the tunnel‼️ It was very detailed and informative also you have great advice and insights I’m waiting to see what happens next and I will definitely reach out to you again ❤️
    Jun 11 , 2021 6:15:54
  • Yogita sodhi
    Thank you so much Victoria , this is what I was looking for as I was so confused and scared .I ll surely come back
    Jun 11 , 2021 1:2:45
  • Meka
    you go above and beyond and I’m just so blessed to have connected with you
    Jun 10 , 2021 17:25:41
  • Angelwings
    Thank you Victoria, for helping my guises speak through you and for being so honest and to the point! ❤️
    Jun 9 , 2021 19:58:47
  • 1621610341016
    Thank you so much for your insight and clarity. You are so helpful to me.
    Jun 9 , 2021 19:41:59
  • Smahane ♍️Virgo
    Victoria is someone now more than just advisor 🌹❤️it’s like friend I have always go back to her and vent 💯💯💯the best
    Jun 9 , 2021 19:12:13