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🌙 Sheena ✨
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🌙 Sheena ✨
🌙 Sheena ✨
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✨    Hello Beautiful Souls!    ✨

My name is Sheena from Canada  🇨🇦  (Eastern Standard Time) and I am a professional psychic, intuitive counsellor and Dianic Wytch. 

My readings are here to empower you to understand the energies that may be affecting you or holding you back. My values are compassion and empathetic understanding. I work with clairsentients, clairaudience, clairvoyance as well as my divination tools. My spiritual gifts allow me to tap into energies, connect to spirit guides and receive divine messages. 

I don’t sugarcoat. I tell you what is channeled to me. I will give you true and honest heartfelt answers and guidance. I don’t rush my readings. I take my time to ensure a detailed reading. Please come to me with an open mind and an open heart ready to receive channelled messages. 

My readings are 100% personalized to you. I don’t use pre-written scripts. I speak directly to you!

🏳️‍🌈     Non-Judgemenal, LGBTQ Friendly  
☮️     Open to all walks of life, cultural backgrounds, religions and spiritual paths. 

I specialize in,
💕     Love & relationships  
🌙     Dream analysis 
💵     Career
⏰     Approximate timeframes 
📜     Past lives
👼     Spirit guides 
🕯     Folk magic
🌑     Shadow work
♒️     Astrology

🤩Check out my Premium Services!🤩
🕯Love Lust Blessing Candle 
💞 Compatibility Reading
🗓 Month Ahead Reading 
💕 Are They My Soulmate?

🚫What I Don’t Do Readings On 🚫
🚫🪦No mediumship readings at a distance because I have a better connection with your past loved ones if I’m in person with you.
🚫 No questions lost or stolen items or missing people. 
🚫 No questions about what other psychics said. 
🚫 No predictions about death.

✉️🚫 Due to high volume, I am unable to do free readings in the message system. 

Thank you! 🙏 
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  • Avie
    Another spot on and to the nose accurate reading. This made me empowered to work on myself and focus on bettering my situation. Thanks, Sheena.
    Mar 30 , 2023 15:29:53
  • Anonymous
    Thank you so much! Makes so much more sense now.
    Mar 29 , 2023 18:45:12
  • Avie
    Sheena has been terrific. She’s compassionate but honest. She’s very accurate especially the part when she said, “I made the bed I gotta lay in it.” Gave me goosebumps as that was a phrase that was used during actual convos with the subject. Very thorough and genuine. Will use her again for sure.
    Mar 29 , 2023 16:2:28
  • Tara G.
    Sheena you are AMAZING! Everything you said I’ve already researched and agree with 110%! Duality is in the mind not the soul but duality is what we have here on Earth. You are so gifted and helpful. Thank you! 🙏🏻❤️🧘🏻
    Mar 28 , 2023 16:25:34
  • Anonymous
    She was really accurate on everything that was going on. Not sugarcoated and just very encouraging. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear but it’s definitely reassuring to move forward and be happy. ❤️
    Mar 28 , 2023 11:14:33
  • OBEDA Qazi
    My first reading with Sheena & I’m absolutely thrilled. Voice reading was sent with 11+ minutes- WOW. So much little details, reassurance, compassion and accuracy, reading with full package. Thank you so much ❤️
    Mar 27 , 2023 23:0:2
  • Blessing
    Amazing reading!🌟🌟
    Mar 27 , 2023 16:29:8
  • Melissa
    Thank you so much sheena for all of your insight!! You are amazing, the best advisor and pyshcic I have spoken to! 💗
    Mar 26 , 2023 9:46:49
  • Gemma
    Pretty much spot on. Sometimes doesnt happen around the time she says, but it does in that month. One thing she mentioned about taking health seriously in the work place and being mature. I wasnt sure what she meant by this. I recently found out my old boss had passed away unexpectadly. Real deal!
    Mar 25 , 2023 12:20:4
  • 🌟 Therese ♈️
    You are a true angel ❤️ when I fall, you raise me up. You are always detailed, you tell the true with no sugarcoating. I feel you were right about the situation and about my own intuition. You are the first advisor here, that make me feel that way. You are a gift - for me, for other people. ❤️❤️
    Mar 23 , 2023 20:54:27