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🌙 Sheena ✨
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🌙 Sheena ✨
🌙 Sheena ✨
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✨    Hello Beautiful Souls!    ✨

My name is Sheena from Canada  🇨🇦  (Eastern Standard Time) and I am a professional psychic, intuitive counsellor and Dianic Wytch. 

My readings are here to empower you to understand the energies that may be affecting you or holding you back. My values are compassion and empathetic understanding. I work with clairsentients, clairaudience, clairvoyance as well as my divination tools. My spiritual gifts allow me to tap into energies, connect to spirit guides and receive divine messages. 

I don’t sugarcoat. I tell you what is channeled to me. I will give you true and honest heartfelt answers and guidance. I don’t rush my readings. I take my time to ensure a detailed reading. Please come to me with an open mind and an open heart ready to receive channelled messages. 

My readings are 100% personalized to you. I don’t use pre-written scripts. I speak directly to you!

🏳️‍🌈     Non-Judgemenal, LGBTQ Friendly  
☮️     Open to all walks of life, cultural backgrounds, religions and spiritual paths. 

I specialize in,
💕     Love & relationships  
🌙     Dream analysis 
💵     Career
⏰     Approximate timeframes 
📜     Past lives
👼     Spirit guides 
🕯     Folk magic
🌑     Shadow work
♒️     Astrology

🤩Check out my Premium Services!🤩
🕯Love Lust Blessing Candle 
💞 Compatibility Reading
🗓 Month Ahead Reading 
💕 Are They My Soulmate?

🚫What I Don’t Do Readings On 🚫
🚫🪦No mediumship readings at a distance because I have a better connection with your past loved ones if I’m in person with you.
🚫 No questions lost or stolen items or missing people. 
🚫 No questions about what other psychics said. 
🚫 No predictions about death.

✉️🚫 Due to high volume, I am unable to do free readings in the message system. 

Thank you! 🙏 
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  • 821247445
    Thats all that we want peace! Thank you for the accurate reading
    Mar 12 , 2023 7:7:40
  • Jessica
    Got a great vibe when I first saw her and she is amazing so much detail definitely will be going back to her
    Mar 11 , 2023 16:33:57
  • Misti Dawn Mapp
    She confirmed my deepest suspicion and she was spot on. Great reading
    Mar 10 , 2023 21:52:49
  • Gemma
    Had 2 reads tonight. Even when i was a bit confused she clarified. She makes sense, even when some of the things she says are hard to hear. You know its the truth. Honestly, trust in what she sees. The card too. Its no coincidence the way they all come out! It all makes sense!
    Mar 10 , 2023 21:21:22
  • Liana Di Noto
    As always, Thank you 😊
    Mar 10 , 2023 21:11:44
  • Kathleen machado
    So sweet & caring, Gave lots of detail about specific areas. Will definitely come back!
    Mar 10 , 2023 16:28:6
  • Sneha
    Thank you. I appreciate the details and honesty
    Mar 10 , 2023 15:42:22
  • Sneha
    Thank you
    Mar 10 , 2023 1:16:20
  • Tara G.
    Sheena is a bit of amazing, wonderful and awesome all rolled up in one! She is definitely gifted and helps me so much! 🙃
    Mar 10 , 2023 0:34:21
  • pi_928417810
    Sheena is ALWAYS on point with her readings. This particular reading she gave me so much in-depth insight on what I was seeking to know. I will always reach out to Sheena, because she’s the absolute best! :)
    Mar 9 , 2023 1:20:51